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Up to $15 million has been allocated for employers of dairy industry workers and retrenched automotive workers in Victoria.

A further $2 million has been made available for employers of unemployed people living in the Latrobe Valley and retrenched workers from the Hazelwood power station. 

The broader Back to Work Scheme was fully subscribed on 18 July 2016 for all other employee categories.


You can apply online quickly and easily to access payments of up to $11,000 for hiring an eligible employee into an ongoing full-time and part-time Victorian job, and additional payments of up to $4000 for providing accredited training.


Gather required information

We recommend you have the following information on hand before commencing your claim:

  • Employer details including legal and trading names, ABN or ACN, WorkSafe employer number and SRO customer number (if you are an existing SRO customer),
  • Your bank account details (we will pay you electronically) including account name, BSB and account number,
  • Employee details including name and date of birth,
  • Job details including start date, salary details and job location postcode, and
  • If you want to offset the payment against another SRO liability - details of that liability

You are not required to upload evidence verifying your claim as part of the initial claim process, but you are required to make declarations that you hold all records and evidence necessary to substantiate the information you provide to us, that you will keep these records/documents for five years after lodging your claim and make them available to us if we ask.

Who will receive this information?

The Commissioner of State Revenue is required to publish a quarterly report on this website that details the total amount paid under the Back to Work Scheme, along with the postcode and eligibility criteria for which those payments are made. The information published is statistical in nature and does not identify the personal information of employees.

The names of employers receiving more than 100 Back to Work payments per quarter will be made public.


Claim your payment

You can use one online claim process to claim for multiple eligible employees. 

First instalment

Applications for the Back to Work Scheme remain open for the following categories:

  • Dairy industry workers ($5000)
  • Retrenched automotive workers ($7000)
  • Unemployed people living in the Latrobe Valley ($5000)
  • Retrenched workers from the Hazelwood power station ($5000)

Ensure you check your eligibility including your employee's start date.

Please note that you can claim your accredited training payment as part of this process if the costs have been incurred. 

Claim first payment

Accredited training

Applications for the Back to Work Scheme remain open for the following categories:

  • Dairy industry workers
  • Retrenched automotive workers
  • Unemployed people living in the Latrobe Valley
  • Retrenched workers from the Hazelwood power station

You can lodge a claim for accredited training payments at the time of your first instalment claim if costs have been incurred, or a separate claim for additional accredited training payments can be lodged later.

Please note that claims from eligible employers for reimbursements of costs incurred in providing accredited training can only be lodged after the date the costs have been incurred. 

Claim additional training

Second instalment

The second instalment payment is available to an eligible employer who received a first instalment payment for their eligible employee.

The second instalment is payable nine months from the lodgement of the first instalment claim, provided the eligible employee has been continuously employed. 

All claims for a second instalment payment have closed, excluding the categories of:

  • Dairy industry workers and retrenched automotive workers hired from 1 July 2016, and
  • Unemployed people living in the Latrobe Valley and retrenched workers from the Hazelwood power station hired from 1 January 2017

Employers are encouraged to keep track of the date from which the second instalment payment is available and make their claim online by the due date.

Note: the first page of the claim form asks for your BTW reference and then for at least two other fields to be completed to verify your details. You should COMPLETE ONLY TWO of these other fields. If you complete more than two fields, you will not be able to progress the claim. 

Claim second payment

Next steps

Once you have lodged your BTW claim, you will receive a reference number and you can print the document for your records.

Payments are made by electronic funds transfer directly into the nominated bank account within 25 working days of lodging the BTW claim, if approved. Alternatively, you can choose to offset your payment against any SRO liability, for example, payroll tax.

If further assistance is required, email

Why does the SRO want this information?

The information is collected by the State Revenue Office to enable it to administer payments under the Back to Work Scheme. If the information is not provided, the State Revenue Office may not be able to process and pay the Back to Work claim. 

Can any other agencies get access to this information?

The information submitted to the State Revenue Office cannot be disclosed unless the job applicant consents or the disclosure is authorised by law.

Under the Back to Work Act 2015, the State Revenue Office can retain and use the information for the administration of this scheme or a taxation law, and disclose information to the Treasurer of Victoria, the Department of Treasury & Finance, WorkCover and Victoria Police. Information used for the purpose of a taxation law can be disclosed to other Commonwealth and state agencies, including the ATO and Centrelink.