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Keep us updated of changes to your personal details. You can also authorise a representative to receive your assessments and any other correspondence.

Note: if you are acting on someone’s behalf, before you can you update their details you will need to give us evidence of your authority to do.

If you are an individual, this will be a written and signed authorisation from the person you are acting on behalf of or a copy of the power of attorney.

If you are a representative, a completed change of contact details form (Gen Form 03) signed by the person on whose behalf you are acting.


Gather required evidence

You will need your land tax assessment as this contains your customer number, assessment number and assessment year.


Complete your request


If you are an individual, you can update your name or postal address by contacting us on 13 21 61. You can also update your details by:


If you are moving residence, but this does not involve you buying or selling a property, you should advise us in writing, or by phone of the details (where, from when, why and how long), as it may affect your land tax liability. For example, you may own two houses and move out of one to live in the other or you may move overseas and rent your property out.

Businesses, trusts and other organisations

If you are a business, trust or an organisation, you need to advise us in writing, either by email or letter (see Step 3).

This request should come from an officeholder and identify your authority to make this request, including your office within the organisation.


Submit your request

You can submit your request to update you contact details electronically or by mail.


Email your request to


State Revenue Office
GPO Box 1641
VIC 3001


State Revenue Office
DX 260090

Next steps

We will update your contact details in accordance with your request. All of your future correspondence will be sent to your updated contact details.