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New guidelines and an enhanced online claim form are now available for the payment of liquor subsidies to eligible Victorian liquor licensees.

While not making any major changes to the subsidy scheme, the guidelines do update the references to the liquor licences used to authorise the supply of a winemaker’s own product, and to the amount the Commonwealth pays under the producer’s rebate on the wine equalisation tax. The revised guidelines also require an acknowledgement, “subsidised by the Victorian Government”, on invoices.

The new online claim form can be completed on screen, printed and then signed before lodgement. In coming months, a fully electronic submission process will be added to the claim process.

For questions about the guidelines, please contact Senior Policy Specialist Sue Kaufmann on  or 03 9628 0228. For inquiries about payments and claims, please contact SRO Technical Officer Erin Turner on or 03 9628 6737.