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Document last modified: 05 Oct 2017

Important change from 1 July 2017

The digital duties form must be used for all contracts or agreements for land transfer duty in Victoria entered into on or after 1 July 2017.

This all-in-one digital form replaces the traditional, paper-based land transfer duty forms with a single, streamlined online process.

Our website contains comprehensive resources to help you complete a digital duties form for your transaction.

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General information

The paper-based PDF Goods Statement Duties Form 01 is still available to download for a limited time if your contract or agreement was entered into before 1 July 2017. However, for your convenience we strongly encourage you to use to the digital duties form.

The PDF statement may be used for sales of residential land or land use entitlements, entered into on or after 1 July 2012 and before 1 July 2017, where the transaction:

  • Is for residential land
  • Is between unrelated parties, and
  • Is for at least the unencumbered market value, and
  • Is for the full interest, and,
  • Where the contract price includes all goods, and
  • Where no option has been granted in relation to the property

Note: This form must be lodged electronically to the SRO. Paper-based submissions will be returned.

If your transaction does not meet all of the above requirements, you may complete SRO Duties Form 2 (Goods Statutory Declaration).