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Employers who self-assess their liability monthly must pay payroll tax by the seventh day (or the next business day) of the following month.

You must submit your wage details each month using our online system, PTX Express, even if you do not have a payroll tax liability for a particular month.

You must use PTX Express to lodge monthly and annual reconciliation returns and pay securely.

If you are not already registered for payroll tax purposes and your wages exceed the threshold for any month, please complete an application to register for PTX Express.


Lodge your monthly return

Log on to PTX Express and select from the menu to lodge a monthly return.

Select the month (such as 1 February - 28 February 2015), enter your taxable wages information and follow the instructions to lodge your return.


Pay your liability

Payment options are displayed once you have lodged your monthly return. A unique reference number is supplied with each monthly return so you can allocate payment correctly.

Important notes

If a previously lodged monthly return is incorrect, you can lodge a replacement monthly return to override it. Log on to PTX Express, navigate to lodge a monthly return, and select to lodge a replacement with the correct return period (such as, 1 January-31 January 2015). Follow the instructions to enter your correct wage details.

You can also claim a refund for a previous monthly return via PTX Express, if you have overpaid payroll tax. Log into PTX Express and select to apply for a refund.

Alternatively, you can contact us at and request to have the overpaid amount offset to a future monthly or annual liability.