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Whether you are planning to pay the GAIC in full or under an approved staged payment arrangement, you must contact us so that we can calculate the amount you need to pay, including any applicable interest.


Contact us before you pay

If your GAIC liability has been deferred or is payable under an approved staged payment arrangement, your GAIC payment may be subject to interest calculated on a daily basis.

Please have the details of the property, including the address and title references, details of the owner and any notice of staged payment approval or GAIC certificate ready when you contact us.

You can call us on 03 9628 0049 to speak to one of our GAIC experts, or email us at with these details.


Pay your GAIC

Using the details of your calculated GAIC payment, you can pay by EFT:

BSB: 033 222
Account: 170 444 

Please add your name and "GAIC" as a payment reference to help us match your GAIC payment to the liability.



Confirm your EFT payment

After making your EFT payment, you must notify us by emailing with the following information so we can track your payment:

  • Your name,
  • Details of the GAIC affected property, including
    • name of the owner,
    • address and title references
  • EFT payment confirmation number,
  • Date of payment,
  • Amount paid,
  • Copy of your notice of staged payment approval (if applicable)

We will notify you in writing that your payment has been received.

Next steps

If your payment satisfies the GAIC liability in full, we will issue a certificate of release, and a notice. This notice will enable the GAIC recording on the land to be removed.

If your payment satisfies the payment for an approved stage, we will issue a certificate of partial release, and a notice. The certificate confirms that a GAIC liability has been paid in accordance with an approved staged payment approval arrangement, including any applicable interest, for a stage. The notice will enable the registration of a staged subdivision of land and the removal of a GAIC recording for that stage only.

Note: if you fail to pay the GAIC, including a staged payment, by the due date (including a staged payment) penalties will apply.