The annual reconciliation (AR) is designed to reconcile all taxable wages and any payroll tax liability payments (excluding penalty and interest) made during the financial year. It is completed at the end of the financial year and is lodged online through PTX Express.

This online lodgement is known as the electronic annual reconciliation (e-AR).

How do you lodge the e-AR?

The 'PTX Express' online system provides employers with the facility to complete their payroll tax Annual Reconciliation via the SRO website and to make payment online. Follow these steps to lodge your AR and pay online:

  • Log onto PTX Express
  • Select ‘Annual Reconciliation’ from the menu to lodge an e-AR
  • The relevant financial year should be displayed, select ‘Begin’ from the Actions field
  • Review your details including your employer type and your employing period during the financial year
  • Enter your wages
  • Review your payroll tax payments made during the financial year for the reconciliation period;
  • Review the calculation for your amount of tax payable or amount overpaid
  • Lodge your e-AR by clicking the ‘Lodge’ button on the Lodgement page

A Lodgement Reference Number and payment options will be displayed once you have lodged your return.

Watch our video on lodging an AR

When is the e-AR available?

The e-AR is available from the middle of June until late in the following financial year.

When is your AR due?

Your AR is due after each financial year on 21 July. If that day falls on the weekend, your AR is due the next business day.

Do you need to lodge a June return?

No. Instead, the taxable wages for the June period are simply included in the year’s wages that you provide in the e-AR.

How long will it take to complete the e-AR?

If you have the following information, your e-AR should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete:

  • Login details
  • Customer number
  • Group number (if applicable)
  • Employer type
  • ABN
  • Victorian and interstate reconciliation periods
  • A break-up of your Victorian wages into taxable components for the financial year
  • The amount of any interstate wages paid
  • The amount of any Victorian primary tax paid for the period of this reconciliation
  • If you pay fringe benefits, have on hand your FBT return for the 2015-16 year
  • Estimated Victorian and interstate wages for the next financial year.

If you are the designated group employer you will also need to have the following:

  • Group Victorian and group interstate reconciliation periods
  • A total of all payments made by the ordinary members in the group
  • Estimated group Victorian and estimated group Australian wages for the next financial year
  • Victorian and interstate wages and tax paid in Victoria, for all members of the group

Can you get an extension to lodge and pay your AR?

There are no extensions available for your AR. You must lodge and pay it by the 21st of July after each financial year, (or the next business day, if it falls on a weekend).

If we have not received your completed AR and payment by the due date, penalty tax up to 25 per cent plus interest may apply from the original due date.

How do you get help with the e-AR?

If you require help at any stage, you can use the help file within PTX Express or contact the SRO.

What if your payment figures displayed are incorrect?

If any payment details displayed in the Review Payments section of the e-AR are incorrect or incomplete, please change the total amount at the bottom of the payments list and provide discrepancy details in the corresponding text box.

How do you save your information?

Your data up to the last completed page is automatically saved when you use the:

  • 'Next' button, or the
  • 'Save & Exit' button

Can you leave the e-AR and come back to it?

You can exit the e-AR software at any stage and come back to it at a later date. Your data up to the last completed page can be automatically saved (see previous question).

How can you pay any e-AR liability?

Pay online with PTX Express

The quickest and simplest way to pay is online through PTX Express using our secure Westpac-controlled online payment option.

Other options

You can also pay by EFT, BPAY and credit card. Once you have lodged your AR, you will be able to see the payment details for each of these options. Alternatively, if you navigate back to the relevant year’s e-AR page by selecting ‘Annual Reconciliation’, select the 'Pay' link in the 'Actions' column and select the 'Other Payment Options' button on the 'Liability Payment' page.

Can you change details after lodging your e-AR?

Yes. Once you have lodged your e-AR, you can make changes up until the following May by lodging a replacement e-AR via PTX Express.

If you wish to make changes for other financial years, you will need to write to us explaining why and include the amended wage details.

How do you make changes to my e-AR in PTX Express?

You lodge a replacement e-AR by editing your existing e-AR. You do this by clicking on the 'Annual Reconciliation' button in the navigation bar to access the e-AR page and from here, use the 'Edit' link in the 'Actions' column of your relevant return.

The 'Employer Details' page contains your previously lodged content. To start changing this data, use the 'Next' button to take you to the section you want to alter.

Please note that changing data in certain sections, may force you to review all subsequent sections.

For example, if in your initial return you indicated that you paid no FBT but in your updated return you indicate that you do pay FBT, this will change your Victorian wages and your liability calculation. Hence, you will have to review all sections from 'Victorian Wages' onwards.

Once you have made changes, you MUST go to the 'Lodgement' page and use the 'Lodge' button. This will send a replacement return to the SRO. The relevant year’s e-AR page will then show the record of the replacement return lodgement and its lodgement number.

After lodging your e-AR, can you print a copy?

Yes. To do so, in PTX Express click 'Annual Reconciliation’ and you will be taken to the relevant year’s e-AR screen. Click on the 'View PDF Summary' link in the 'Actions' column corresponding to your relevant return, which will now be displayed.

To print, use your internet browser's 'Print' button. Close this window by using the 'X' button and return to the relevant year’s e-AR screen.

Why have you been logged out?

The system automatically logs you out after 30 minutes of inactivity. To access your e-AR again, simply log back in.

Will you receive an acknowledgement after lodging?

Once you have completed and lodged your e-AR, you will be issued with a lodgement number and returned to relevant year’s e-AR screen. This lodgement number confirms the SRO has received your e-AR.

If your return calculation resulted in an increased tax liability, use the 'Pay' link in the 'Actions' column to show the outstanding amount, along with payment options ('Pay Online' and 'Other Payment Options'). We recommend that you pay your liability online.