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We have expanded Duties Online (DOL) to give our customers the convenience of processing all their transactions online, removing the need to visit our customer service centre.

DOL introduced the Electronic Lodgment Model (ELM) to enable customers who regularly lodge duty transactions with us to process or lodge all their transactions electronically.

Our enhancements to DOL’s services support the continued industry shift in Victoria from paper to electronic settlements.

The ELM:

  • Allows any transaction which cannot be processed via DOL to be electronically submitted to us for a duty determination,
  • Provides you with an electronic record of the documents you have lodged and to track your transaction’s progress,
  • Eliminates the need to attend our customer service centre,
  • Removes the need to physically mail your lodgements to us,
  • Provides the convenience of processing all transactions from your office, and
  • Facilitates online refund applications (from March 2016)

Regular lodgers will no longer be able to physically submit documents to our office, and instead can either register for DOL or use an existing DOL registered organisation that can provide same-day service.