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This video has been issued by the State Revenue Office Victoria, and contains information about working at the SRO from the viewpoint of a current staff member. Please visit for more information.



Located in Melbourne and Ballarat, the State Revenue Office gives talented people the opportunity to develop their careers in an environment that's diverse, stimulating and rewarding. In fact the combination of interesting jobs, personal development, a balanced lifestyle, corporate responsibility and promising career opportunities mean people choose to to work at the State Revenue Office.


I left my previous employment as an Accounts Officer, to start working at the State Revenue Office. In the few years since then I have had the opportunity to work in a number of diverse and stimulating roles. During my time at the SRO I have also been fortunate enough to be promoted a couple of times. When I first started I worked in the Finance Branch when my job involved accounts payable functions. I then transferred to the Payroll Tax Branch, where I was required to deal with a range of customer enquiries. After two and a half years in the Payroll Tax Branch, I was promoted to team leader in the Customer Service Branch, where I was involved in determining the training needs of staff, developing content and the annual trainign calendar. During my employment in the SRO I was also able to complete my Business Degree, which was supported by the SRO and this has enabled me to further develop my skills and knowledge. More recently, I was promoted to Project Manager of the Customer Contact Centre where I currently manage ten staff. My team deal with a large number of enquiries from very diverse customers and it's a role that I really enjoy. The SRO has provided me with a number of interesting and challenging roles and I am very pleased to have been rewarded and recognised with a number of awards and promotions over that period. I really believe the State Revenue Office is a great place to work.

Paul Broderick:

The role of the State Revenue Office is to collect taxes and duties and administer functions such as the First Home Owner Grant, so that the government can actually collect enough revenue to fund the things that Victorians need, like hospitals, police, nurses and so on. So we don't look on ourselves as being largely tax collectors, but more as contributing to the benefit of the state overall. We employ a range of people at the SRO, people like lawyers, accountants, people with HR qualifications, people with IT qualifications and we are always looking for people who are the right fit for the organisation that really want to contribute to the State of Victoria. I think the SRO is a great place to work, we really do try to make sure that we take into account people's indivual needs, we try to accomodate people's work/life balance and we also take into account their training requirements and career desires. So that when people come to work at the SRO they enjoy themselves, and really develop while contributing to Victoria's future.