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Build your career

We offer career opportunities in accounting, taxation, law, customer service, information technology, policy and legislation, human resources, staff development and management. Our innovative programs and forward thinking have achieved widespread recognition, but it’s our staff who tell the full story of our success.

Our diverse career development strategies are key to keeping our staff engaged and enthusiastic. We offer hundreds of career opportunities, including promotions, transfers and higher duties assignments, to our staff.

Learning and development

One of our key strategic goals is to have capable, adaptable, healthy and engaged people working for us. We achieve this by attracting and selecting skilled and knowledgeable staff, and ensuring that work-life balance, health, safety and wellbeing, performance and career management opportunities are effectively designed, implemented, understood and used by all managers and their teams.

We focus heavily on the professional development of our staff by delivering structured learning programs addressing the complexities of the taxes and duties we administer. Managers work with staff to develop their careers in roles that suite their skills and knowledge.

Join a talented and friendly team

Our staff are talented, hard-working professionals who are highly valued as they support our central role in enabling the Victorian Government to pay for hospitals, schools, police and other essential services. Our employees work well together to deliver excellent service and contribute to government policies.

We encourage people to be the best, lead the way and make a difference.

“At the State Revenue Office, we really try to take into account people’s individual needs – their work-life balance, career desires and training requirements. We want people to develop to the best of their potential and really enjoy their working career here, while contributing to the growth of the state.”

- Paul Broderick, Commissioner of State Revenue

Achieve a great work-life balance

Our flexible working arrangements, staff health and wellbeing initiatives, and community support programs are structured so that staff can enjoy work and life. From parenthood to caring for sick or elderly family members, and from further education and professional development to opportunities to assist the community, we offer a work environment that is professionally challenging and personally rewarding.

Last modified: 16 March 2021


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