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From 25 November 2019, enhancements to Duties Online will streamline standard system-assessed transactions. This video explains the enhancements, which will save you time.


On 25 November 2019, the next round of Duties Online enhancements will be implemented, streamlining standard system-assessed transactions where duty is assessed online.

The enhancements will see all information you enter into the Digital Duties Form prepopulated into Duties Online, saving you time and effort.

Prepopulating the data means you can generate a duty estimate as soon as you link your Digital Duties Form, reducing the current process to just two steps.

If you have selected a concession or deduction from duty when you have completed the Digital Duties Form, this will automatically be applied in Duties Online. From the go live date, the Digital Duties Form will be enhanced to include additional questions associated with any concessions or duty deductions for the transaction. That information will then flow through to Duties Online, so you won’t have to manually enter it again.

This means there will be no more double-data entry: you just check that the information entered into the Digital Duties Form is correct, and then proceed to Duties Online Step 8 to ‘Acknowledge Estimate’,  and view the duty calculation, and that’s it!

These enhancements will benefit approximately 90% of Duties Online transactions.

Complex lodgements must still be submitted at least 30 days before the scheduled settlement as duty is manually calculated.

Thanks for watching.

Last modified: 1 November 2019
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