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As a building surveyor, you are required to notify us within 14 days of receiving a building permit application for land that may be subject to GAIC. This is land located in:

  • Cardinia,
  • Casey,
  • Hume,
  • Melton,
  • Mitchell,
  • Whittlesea, or
  • Wyndham

You are not required to notify us, however, if the application relates to:

  • Demolition of a building or part of a building,
  • Construction of a single dwelling,
  • Repair or reinstatement of an existing building, or
  • Any other building with a value less than the indexed threshold (for 2014-15: $1,109,650 and 2015-16: $1,130,950).

To notify us, you must complete a GAIC notification on screen and submit electronically.


Gather your information

The following information is required to complete a GAIC Notification of a Building Permit Application (GAIC-Form-03), but refer to the form for specific instructions:

  • Applicant and/or representative details,
  • Details of the land (if applicable),
  • Cost of building work (contract price),
  • Stage of building work,
  • Lodging party details,
  • Building permit application details, and
  • Nature of the building work and the proposed use of the building

Complete your application

The GAIC application is completed and submitted electronically.

Once you have provided all the relevant information, you must acknowledge the information you have provided is true and correct. To do this, you must provide:

  • The name of signatory,
  • Their position and organisation, and
  • Signature date stamp (this appears automatically when the information field is activated)

The ‘save for later’ button on the form allows you to save your form to complete at a later date.

Once you have submitted your form, you will have the opportunity to download a copy for your records.

We use all the information in the application to update our records and may pass on the changes to other government agencies where we are authorised to do so.

If you have trouble submitting the form, please contact our GAIC area on (+61) 03 9628 0049.


Attach supporting documents

When you submit this application, you will be redirected to another page to attach supporting documentation (if applicable).

At this stage, you can elect to deliver any supporting documents via post to:

State Revenue Office
GPO Box 1641
VIC 3001


State Revenue Office
DX 260090

Continue to complete the submission process.


Download and save your receipt

After you submit your application you will then be directed to a receipt page. Note your receipt number (beginning with "GAIC-Form-03") and quote this number if you contact us about your notification.

Please save a copy of your receipt for your records and as proof that you have made a notification.

Next steps

For some building permit applications, GAIC must be paid:

  • Before a building permit is issued for the building works, if liability to pay GAIC arises upon the making of the application, or
  • Within three months after the liability arises, if a liability to pay GAIC arises after the making of the application

An exception to the above is where a separate application is made and approved for a GAIC staged payment arrangement to pay the liability in stages at set dates.