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Any letter you receive from us informing you of an ongoing principal place of residence (PPR) investigation into land you own may include a request for you to respond with specific information.

Your prompt cooperation and assistance will help us to complete the investigation as soon as possible, and may also count towards a lower penalty.


Identify your SRO contact

Your investigation letter will list the name of the investigator responsible for your matter, their contact details and our IC reference number for your matter.

If you have any questions, please use these contact details. Whenever you contact us, you should quote our IC reference number.


Gather required information

Please refer to your letter for any specific requests, but generally you will be asked to provide:

  • Your current residential address, postal address, email and contact number

For the period under investigation:

  • A list of all other Victorian land you own or owned (especially if we have not identified this property), including:
    • the names of any other owners,
    • the sale and purchase settlement dates,
    • whether you hold the land on trust
  • If the land was held on trust, details of the trust arrangement
  • Details of how the lands were and are used, including:
    • whether you lived at any of the properties, including the dates for any periods
    • whether the land was used for any other activities and what
    • the dates for when any property was leased, and details of the lease(s)
  • Supporting evidence for any claims you make, including:
    • contracts of sale or transfer documents for each property
    • utility bills
    • bank statements
    • trust deeds and documents

Any additional information you feel would help to resolve this matter.


Lodge your response

You can respond to our letter by mail, email or online. Please respond by the due date listed in your letter using one or a combination of the following options to provide hardcopy documents and/or electronic copies of your evidence.

You should quote our IC reference number in any correspondence.


If you are lodging all or some of your response via mail, please send to:

State Revenue Office
GPO Box 1641
VIC 3001


State Revenue Office
DX 260090


If you are lodging all or some of your response via email, please use the investigator email address listed on the top of your investigation letter.

Please use this option to provide us with any supporting evidence which is in an electronic format.


If your investigation letter gives you the option to respond online, please follow the prompts on screen to complete the lodgement process. If some of your supporting evidence is not in an electronic format, please send the hardcopies by mail.

If you have any queries about how to supply your evidence, please contact the SRO investigator contact.

Next steps

Your response will form part of the investigation into the land you own. We will contact you in writing when the investigation is finalised.