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Document last modified: 17 Aug 2017

This form is used to apply for a Growth Area Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) Certificate.



Additional information


  • The Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) is a contribution on certain land in the growth areas of metropolitan Melbourne.
  • GAIC is administered under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Act) and the Taxation Administration Act 1997.
  • The liability to pay GAIC only arises upon the first occurrence of GAIC event i.e. the issuing of a statement of compliance, the making of an application for a building permit in respect of substantive building works or a dutiable transaction relating to the land.
  • GAIC is calculated on a per hectare basis.

GAIC rates

  • For 2010-2011, the GAIC rate for type A land was $80,000 per hectare. The GAIC rate for type B-1, B-2 and C land was $95,000 per hectare.
  • For 2011-2012 and each of the subsequent financial years, the GAIC rates per hectare are indexed annually in accordance with the Consumer Price Index (All Groups Index) for Melbourne.
  • The GAIC rates are published by the Minister for Planning before 1 June of the preceding financial year in the Government Gazette and on the website of the Department for Planning and Community Development. The rates are also available at