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Document last modified: 27 Sep 2017

This form can be used to lodge an objection to assessments or written decisions made by the Commissioner of State Revenue. An objection is a formal avenue of dispute resolution, requiring you to explain fully and in detail the grounds of your objection.

For land tax assessments, we may in some circumstances be able to amend your assessment without you having to object. Requesting an amendment is a less formal process than an objection. The Land Tax Amendment Form (LTX-Form-11) can be used to:

  • Update your postal address,
  • Request an amendment to your assessment (if it relates to your principal place of residence, primary production land or land sold on or prior to midnight 31 December in the year preceding the assessment year), or
  • Notify the Commissioner of State Revenue of errors and omissions in your assessment.

Important change

This form has now been merged with the Land Tax Objection Form (LTX Form 02B), and the application process moved online. 


Related forms

If you are objecting to the site value(s) of the property(s) shown in your land tax assessment, please use the Land Valuation Objection Form (LTX-Form-12E-SmartForm).