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A parking space may be exempt from the congestion levy, depending on who owns it, or how it is used.

To apply for an exemption, the occupant must complete the claim form and return it directly to you (the car park owner/operator), not us. You retain the form provided by the occupant for your records and you indicate the applicable exemption on your annual return.

Note: this is not required if the occupant has already provided you with a written claim for exemption which confirms the relevant exemption criteria have been satisfied.


Gather required information

The following information is needed to complete the Congestion Levy Exemption Claim Form 1, but refer to the form for specific instructions:

  • Your business details, including ABN/ACN and SRO numbers,
  • Addresses of any car park space/s on which a exemption is being claimed, and
  • The type and number of exemptions being claimed



Occupant completes claim form and sends it to car park owner

The claim form must be completed on screen, then printed and signed by the occupant.

The occupant should send the completed claim form to the car park owner for their records.  



Car park owner retains claim form

The claim form should be retained by the car park owner. 

The claim form can be provided to us when requested, in order to validate the car park owner's claims for an exemption.  

Next steps

Levy assessments are issued in mid-March.

Note: for the 2015 year only, parking spaces in the category 2 levy area will be levied based on their estimated usage for that year. Your 2016 annual return will be used to adjust your levy for 2015 to account for the actual usage of the parking spaces at the end of the 2015 year.

For 2017 and beyond, the levy will be based upon usage of parking spaces in the preceding calendar year. For example, the 2017 levy assessment will be calculated based upon the usage during the 2016 calendar year.