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Our role

We support the Victorian Government’s revenue management functions as a division of the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance.

Our role is to administer Victoria's taxation legislation and collect a range of taxes, duties and levies. In 2021-22, we collected $25.8 billion in revenue for the Victorian Government.

We also administer the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG), unclaimed money, the growth areas infrastructure contribution (GAIC) and several subsidies and exemptions.

We have offices in Melbourne and Ballarat. In 2021-22, we employed 712 full-time equivalent staff.

Our vision

To be recognised as one of Victoria's best performing organisations.

Our mission 

Our purpose is to provide customers with quality revenue management services which are fair, efficient and deliver benefits to all Victorians.

Our mission calls on us to be fair and efficient in dealing with customers and in the way we provide revenue management services. We have developed a strategic plan with five key goals:

  1. Deliver fair and efficient revenue management services
  2. Encourage and develop excellence in our people
  3. Make it easier for our customers
  4. Continuously improve what we do
  5. Increase compliance.

These strategies are supported by a robust business planning process and our Customer Service Charter which details the way we interact with customers and stakeholders.

Last modified: 7 June 2023
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