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As a personal representative of a deceased estate, you must notify us of the commencement of the administration of the estate within one month of your date of appointment. There may be penalties if you fail to notify us within this time.

The date of appointment refers to the date on which the Supreme Court of Victoria or another relevant authority issued you with the grant of representation via:

  • grant of probate (as executor, where the deceased died with a valid will), or
  • letters of administration (as administrator, where the deceased died without a valid will).
  1. Gather required information

    The following information is needed to complete the Deceased estate - commencement or completion of administration (LTX-Trust-18) application form (refer to the form for specific instructions):

    • your personal details (as personal representative), including your address, date of birth and State Revenue Office customer number (if known)
    • details of the deceased, including residential address at their time of death, date of death and State Revenue Office customer number (if known)
    • if there is more than one personal representative for the estate, each of their personal details, including their address, date of birth and State Revenue Office customer number (if known).

    If there are multiple personal representatives, only one representative needs to submit this form on behalf of all.

  2. Complete the form

    The form can be completed and lodged online by you or an authorised representative, such as your solicitor.

    We use all the information in your statement to update our records and may pass on the changes to other government agencies where authorised to do so.

    Complete the form

  3. Attach your supporting documents

    You need to send the following supporting documents with your form:

    • a complete copy of the grant of probate issued by the Supreme Court of Victoria or equivalent authority including a copy of the annexed will and testamentary instruments (note the date of issue), or
    • a complete copy of the letters of administration issued by the Supreme Court or equivalent authority (note the date of issue).
  4. Lodge your form

    This form is lodged online. When you have completed all relevant and mandatory information, select submit to lodge your form.

Next Steps

We contact you to confirm we have received your form and supporting documents.

To allow time to complete the administration of the deceased estate, a concessionary period applies once the notice of commencement of administration of a deceased estate is lodged with us.

You must advise us once the administration of the deceased estate is completed.

Last modified: 3 July 2024

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