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Duties Online calculates the duty payable on your land transfer transaction and automatically populates your Electronic Lodgement Network Operator (ELNO) workspace with this information before settlement. Your ELNO then transfers the duty to the State Revenue Office (SRO) at settlement.  

  1. Initiate transaction

    Initiate your transaction in the ELNO workspace, once you have entered the required information you will receive the SRO Reference ID and corresponding ELNO Lodgement ID.

  2. Retrieve ELNO lodgement

    Log in to Duties Online and enter your SRO Reference ID and ELNO Lodgement ID to bring up your lodgement. 

  3. Link the Digital Duties Form

    Once both the vendor and purchaser, or their representatives, have completed the Digital Duties Form you can link the form to the claimed lodgement within Duties Online.

    If there are discrepancies between the Digital Duties Form and the details entered for the lodgement within the ELNO workspace, you will see a message in Duties Online to say the details do not match. You will be asked to review all information and ensure it is correct and matches before you can proceed. 

  4. Calculate duty

    Duties Online will determine whether the lodgement is a Duties Online duty determination transaction (standard lodgement) or an SRO duty determination (complex lodgement).

    Standard lodgements

    For most lodgements, you can then proceed to 'Acknowledge' and 'Certify' the transaction to obtain your duty verification.

    Complex lodgements

    For complex lodgements, you will be asked to:

    • upload supporting documentation, and
    • nominate a settlement date (this has to be done in the ELNO workspace).

     This information is then sent to the SRO to calculate duty.

  5. Certify information

    From Duties Online, certify that the information you have entered and the duty calculation is correct.

    The information is then automatically sent to the ELNO workspace ready for settlement.

Next Steps

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Last modified: 22 June 2023

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