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Sections: s107


Transfer under Part 3 of Financial Sector (Transfer of Business) Act 1999 of the Commonwealth. 


  1. SRO Duties Form 16 (Statement on transfer under Part 3 of the Financial Sector [Transfers of Business] Act 1999).
  2. Contract of sale or such other agreement relating to the transfer of the property.
  3. Certificate of transfer issued under section 18 of the Financial Sector (Transfer of Business) Act 1999.
  4. A copy of the written statement detailing the assets of the transferring body.

Note: This may be in the form required by section 19 of the Financial Sector (Transfer of Business) Act 1999.

See Revenue Ruling DA-008.

Lodge documents after settlement directly with the State Revenue Office
Last modified: 5 February 2024
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