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The growth areas infrastructure contribution (GAIC) is a contribution on certain land in the growth areas of metropolitan Melbourne. GAIC may apply if your land is in:

  • Cardinia
  • Casey
  • Hume
  • Melton
  • Mitchell
  • Whittlesea, or
  • Wyndham.

Certain transactions relating to land in the contribution area are exempt from GAIC.

To apply for the exemption and the certificate of exemption, you must complete SmartForm Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution Consolidated Form (GAIC Form 02), which is completed and submitted online.

When you apply for an exemption from GAIC, the certificate issued confirms that the liability to pay the GAIC has been exempted, which enables a land transfer to be registered with Land Use Victoria.

A GAIC exemption does not extinguish a GAIC liability for that land. An exemption only postpones the liability to a subsequent GAIC event, unless a further exemption or exclusion then applies.

  1. Prepare your information

    You need the following information to complete the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution Consolidated (GAIC Form 02), but also refer to the form for specific instructions:

    • Your contact details including residential address, mailing address, phone number and email address.
    • Your relationship with the land (as the owner, owner’s representative, land buyer, land buyer’s representative, or involvement in the significant acquisition of an interest in the landholder).
    • The grounds for the GAIC exemption.
    • Details of the land, including address, lot number, plan number and municipality.
    • If the applicant for the certificate is not the owner of the land, the owner’s details.
    • Confirmation of whether the applicant has ownership (either full or part) in the land.
    • If a GAIC event has or will occur, the type of GAIC event, the date it happened and the amount of the GAIC liability.

    If the GAIC event is due to a significant acquisition, you need to provide the following information:

    • Details of the landholder, including registered address, ABN (for all companies) and Australian Registered Scheme Numbers (for all unit trusts).
    • Details of the significant acquisition, including:
      • The date the significant acquisition was made.
      • Whether the significant acquisition was a result of a single acquisition, an aggregation of acquisitions or an acquisition of a remaining interest in the landholder.
      • The percentage of the significant interest that the applicant acquired.
    • If a Section 83 Landholder Acquisition Statement (Duties Form 58) has been lodged, the date it was lodged.

    If the GAIC event is a result of a significant acquisition, you need to provide the following information if you have not already provided it when the landholder acquisition statement was lodged:

    • A full copy of the share/unit sale agreement relating to the significant acquisition.
    • A copy of the relevant certificate of title for every land held by the landholder in the contribution area at the date of the significant acquisition.
    • A full copy of the landholder's historical register of all shares or unit holders.
    • The landholder's statement of financial position (balance sheet) for the year immediately before the year in which the significant acquisition occurred.
  2. Complete and submit your application

    The GAIC application form is completed and submitted electronically. Supporting documentation can be attached as part of the online process. Complete each mandatory section.

    Once you have provided all the relevant information, you must acknowledge the information you have provided is true and correct by providing:

    • the name of the signatory,
    • their position and organisation, and
    • signature date stamp, which appears automatically when the information field is activated.

    The ‘save for later’ button on the form allows you to save your form to complete at a later date.

    Once you have provided all the required information, you can submit the form.

    We use all the information in the application to update our records and may pass on the changes to other government agencies where we are authorised to do so.

    If you have trouble submitting the form online, please contact our GAIC team by calling 13 21 61 and selecting the GAIC option.

  3. Attach supporting documents

    Please ensure all relevant supporting documentation is attached via the online process and submitted electronically with your application.

  4. Download and save the receipt

    After submitting your form, you will be directed to a receipt page - ensure you note your receipt number, beginning with 'GAIC-Form-02', as you will need this number if you contact us, and save a copy of the receipt for your records.

Next Steps

We send the certificate to the email address you provided on your form. We will contact you if we need more information.

Land Use Victoria will be notified that a transfer of land or a plan of subdivision may be registered.

Last modified: 3 April 2024

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