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If you offer keno games to Victorian players, you must lodge a return each month using the Keno tax – registrations and returns form.

Returns and payment are due within 30 days of the end of each month. 

You must submit a return even if no tax is payable for the month. 

You will need to have registered for keno tax and received an SRO customer number before submitting your first return.

  1. Gather information

    Before completing the form, ensure you have the details of your Victorian keno activity for the month. You will need to provide the:

    • total gross keno revenue from Victorian-located players (including face value of free keno games)
    • total prizes paid to Victorian-located players (including net prizes for free keno games)
    • total amounts received from Victorian-located players which are paid into a prize pool.
  2. Complete the declaration

    In the Keno tax – registrations and returns form:

    • review the collection statement and complete the declaration
    • enter your name and contact details, as the person completing the monthly return
    • select ‘lodging a monthly return’.
  3. Lodge your return

    To lodge your return:

    • enter your customer number and customer name
    • enter details of your keno activity for the month
    • select ‘Submit’. 

    A reference number and payment details will be provided on the last page of the form.

  4. Pay the tax

    Once you have lodged your return, you can pay by electronic funds transfer using your reference number and the payment details provided during the lodgement process.  

Next Steps

After you submit the form, you will receive a reference code via the form for any enquiries about your submission. 

You can also enter an email address to have a copy of your submission emailed for your records.  

Last modified: 7 June 2023

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