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This online SmartForm must be lodged with the State Revenue Office when a trustee acquires land in Victoria on trust (section 46K of the Land Tax Act 2005). This notification must be made within one month of the acquisition.

Old PDF versions of this form are no longer accepted. Read our SmartForm tips.

form iconLTX-Trust-08 SmartForm

Additional information

Trust administration

Provisions within the Land Tax Act 2005 allow for some types of trusts to avoid the trust surcharge rate of tax if they notify us of:

  • their exclusion status, or
  • the unit holdings of unit holders, or
  • the beneficial interest of beneficiaries.

In addition, if the land acquired is used by a beneficiary as their principal place of residence (PPR), trustees of some types of trusts may elect to nominate a PPR Beneficiary. This will impact the way in which the trust is assessed for land tax.

Read more information about the exclusion status and the notification/nomination options for trusts.

Last modified: 6 October 2023
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