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Support during Victoria's declared State of Emergency

During Victoria's declared State of Emergency in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, we are:

  • Waiving late payment interest on overdue 2020 land tax assessment notices until 30 September 2021. From 1 October 2021, any outstanding taxation debts that have not been paid will once again be subject to late payment interest calculated from the date of the tax default. To avoid paying late payment interest, please refer to our payment options
  • Providing interest-free instalment plans - visit AutoPay or call us on 13 21 61.

Read more about these support measures.

If you have received an overdue land tax assessment notice for a land tax year other than 2020, you can: 

  1. Pay your overdue land tax in full immediately.
  2. Within 14 days of receiving the notice, set up a payment plan using AutoPay, or call us on 13 21 61.
  3. Amend your assessment if the notice is incorrect.
Last modified: 20 April 2021
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