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The 2022-23 electronic annual reconciliation is now closed. 

The 2023-24 electronic annual reconciliation will be available from 13 June 2024 and must be completed and lodged with any amount owing by 22 July 2024.

All businesses registered for payroll tax must perform the reconciliation online via Payroll Tax Express (PTX Express) at the end of each financial year. It should take about 30 minutes to complete.

To ensure your 2023-24 reconciliation is completed correctly, please update your records via PTX Express prior to lodging. 

If you registered for payroll tax in the past 12 months and are registered on an annual cycle, you will be unable to access PTX Express before 13 June 2024.

If you have changed employer type during the financial year or ceased to employ, please update your records via the 'update your records' tab in PTX Express and we will endeavour to update your records before you lodge your annual reconciliation. 

Frequently asked questions

Mental health and wellbeing surcharge

The mental health and wellbeing surcharge commenced 1 January 2022.

You must pay the surcharge if you pay Victorian taxable wages and your Australian wages exceed the first annual threshold of $10 million, with a first monthly threshold of $833,333.

More about the surcharge

  1. Gather supporting information

    You need the following information before you lodge your annual reconciliation:

    • a break-up of Victorian wages into taxable components for the year
    • if you are the designated group employer, a break-up of the group Victorian wages into taxable components for the year
    • the total of any interstate wages paid
    • the amount of any Victorian primary tax paid for the period of the reconciliation
    • if you are the designated group employer, interstate wages and tax paid in Victoria for all members of the group
    • if you pay fringe benefits, your FBT return for the relevant financial year
    • estimated Victorian and interstate wages for the following year
    • if you are the designated group employer, estimated group Victorian and interstate wages for the following year.
  2. Complete your calculations

    Our wages worksheet can help you calculate your total taxable wages.

    Taxable wages up to 30 June are included in that financial year's annual reconciliation.

    If you have questions, please contact us.

  3. Lodge your e-AR

    You can log in to PTX Express and from the menu, select and start the process to lodge your annual return.

    There is no need to contact us if you have forgotten your password, simply follow our instructions and a new password will be emailed to you automatically.

    Please ensure you select the correct liability period (relevant financial year) in PTX Express and enter the wages details from your worksheet.

    Payment options are displayed once you have lodged your return. A unique reference number is supplied with each reconciliation. For fast, secure payment we recommend you pay online.

    Log in to PTX Express

    Important notes

    Penalty tax of up to 25% may be imposed for non-payment, plus interest from the original due date of the unpaid amount.

Last modified: 15 May 2024

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