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Eligible organisations can apply for a rebate on a property's fixed service charge for water and sewerage.

The rebate is administered by the water authorities, supported by us. Your water authority reviews your rebate application form, provides you with important information and handles any changes to your eligibility.

Please contact your water authority with any questions about the rebate. You can complete the application form on our website, but must submit it to your water authority. Do not submit it to us.

  1. Check eligibility

    The application will be assessed on the eligibility of your organisation and the predominant use of the property for which the rebate is being sought.

  2. Gather supporting documents

    If this is the first time your organisation has applied for a rebate on water and sewerage service charges, please supply this information with your application:

    • a copy of the memorandum and articles of association (constitution) or the rules of association,
    • a current statement of the organisation's activities and objectives, and
    • any other relevant documentation (brochures, publications, annual reports) which expand on the organisation's activities and objectives.
  3. Complete application form

    This application is completed online. You must then download the completed form, sign it, and submit it directly to the water authority responsible for servicing the property for which you are seeking the rebate.

    You must sign the form before lodging it.

    Complete the application form

  4. Submit application to the water authority

    Submit your application to the water authority responsible for servicing the property. Their contact details will be listed on the bill.

    Your application should be submitted before the end of the financial year to which the service charge relates.

Next Steps

Once your organisation has been approved, the rebate will be applied each year as long as eligibility is maintained. You do not need to reapply each year.

You must, however, immediately notify the water authority in writing of any changes to ownership or use of property, which may affect your entitlement to claim the rebate.

Last modified: 24 November 2023

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