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As the Victorian Government’s major tax collection agency, we are responsible for administering a range of state taxes, duties, grants and levies.

Our mission is to do so fairly, efficiently and for the benefit of all Victorians. This means ensuring everyone pays the correct amount of tax when it is due and that those receiving grants or rebates are entitled to them.

While most people are willing to do the right thing and meet their obligations, some people want to do this but don’t always succeed, and a minority consciously decide not to comply.

Our approach to compliance

We aim to support and encourage voluntary compliance and to detect and deter non-compliance. We do this in a number of ways, including by fostering a culture of compliance through education, assistance and enforcement. 

We provide systems and channels to make it easy for you to comply and have adopted a ‘payment thinking’ focus to ensure that you are given the right information to pay the right amount of tax at the right time.

If you have not met your obligations or have chosen not to comply, we use sophisticated processes and tools to identify, investigate and action the non-compliance. We also apply proportionate sanctions and measures to penalise non-compliance and recover unpaid taxes.

Last modified: 8 May 2024
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