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Title Date
Draft revised ruling on the meaning of land development 13/09/2023
Revenue Ruling TAA-004v5 – Objections lodged out of time 17/08/2023
Harmonised payroll tax revenue ruling on medical centres 11/08/2023
Updated advice on 2021 concessions for private car park owners affected by the COVID-19 Restricted Activity Directions 26/07/2023
Casino Tax 30/06/2023
State Taxation Acts Amendment Act 2023 27/06/2023
Change to Commercial Passenger Vehicle Service Levy rate 23/06/2023
New information on windfall gains tax 15/06/2023
The 2022-23 payroll tax electronic annual reconciliation is now available 15/06/2023
Gambling Taxation Act 2023 07/06/2023
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