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Use this form to register as an owner of a private or public car park for the purposes of sections 27 and 28 of the Congestion Levy Act 2005 (the Act).

Details supplied on this form will also be used to complete the Annual Return for Congestion Levy for the purposes of Section 31 of the Act.

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Explanatory notes

1. Congestion levy area

Review a map of the congestion levy area.

2. Nomination of authorised representative

If you nominate an authorised representative to act on your behalf, we will deal directly with them, with all correspondence and information relating to all the car parks on your premises sent to them.

3. Nomination of operator

If there is a public car park on your premises that is operated by another person, they must register separately. You can, however, nominate the operator to lodge your annual returns and receive all further correspondence and assessments relating to the relevant car park.

If you nominate the operator to lodge annual returns for the car park, you need to advise them of this. If you own several premises containing public car parks, you can nominate some or all of the operators to lodge annual returns for their respective premises.

Once you have nominated an operator to lodge annual returns on your behalf, you acknowledge that the information they provide will determine the levy for that car park.

If you own some, but not all, of the parking spaces in a public car park, you are encouraged to nominate the operator to lodge annual returns on your behalf.

4. Detail all parking spaces on premises you own

Provide details of all parking spaces existing on premises you own. Separate entries are required for parking spaces at different locations as these are treated as separate car parks. If more than one car park exists at one address, complete the information requested for each car park. For example, you own a multi-storey building with five floors of parking spaces. Three floors are operated as a public car park by a tenant/operator and another two floors of parking spaces are managed by a building manager as a private car park. You must enter separate details for each car park by repeating the street address and stating the floors applicable to the private and public car park respectively.

Address of premises containing the car park

For each car park in which you own some or all of the parking spaces, provide complete details of the location, such as building name and street address, including floors or levels of the building.

Car park type

Indicate whether the car park is a public car park open to the general public or a private car park.


Provide the total number of marked spaces owned by you in the car park, including parking spaces which may be exempt. There is an opportunity to claim exemptions for your car park(s) in the annual return.

Area used for parking

If all, or part, of a car park comprises areas without marked parking spaces, indicate in square metres the extent of these areas for parking.

Date commenced

Provide the date when the car park started operation as a public car park. In the case of a private car park, provide the date ownership started.

Name of operator

For a public car park operated by a person who is not the owner of the premises, provide the name of the person operating the car park.

Additional information

  1. If you stop operating a public car park after you have registered or if, as an owner, you acquire additional premises or a new car park starts  operating from your existing premises after you have registered, complete the Change of Details form.
  2. The operator of a public car park and the owner of the premises on which that car park is located are jointly and severally liable to pay the levy. However, we only require one party from each car park to administer the levy. You may be nominated by the owner of the premises as the party required to lodge returns for the car park and owners are requested to advise operators of these decisions. If the owner has nominated you, we will send all correspondence regarding the levy to you.
Last modified: 8 October 2020
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