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Sections: s46 (1)

Lodgement category: Trust Exemptions and Concessions


A transfer to a co-operative.


  1. The Digital Duties Form
  2. A statutory declaration by the transferee stating:
    • The capacity of the person making the declaration.
    • The capacity in which the transferee will be holding the property.
    • Whether the co-operative has as its primary activity the provision of a community service or benefit.
    • Whether the co-operative was, before it was incorporated, under the Co-operatives National Law Application Act 2013, an unincorporated club, association or body operating to provide sporting or recreational facilities for its members and not carried on for pecuniary profit of its members.
    • Whether, immediately before the co-operative was incorporated, the property transferred was held by or on behalf of the unincorporated club, association or body.
  3. Any documentary evidence supporting the above.

Lodge after settlement through Duties Online
Last modified: 13 February 2024
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