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We recognise that in carrying out our functions we have an impact on the environment. We are committed to reducing this impact and becoming one of Victoria's most environmentally responsible organisations.


In becoming an environmental leader, we seek to:

  • create an environmentally sustainable revenue collection service
  • incorporate environmental considerations into our decision-making framework
  • ensure our business activities are environmentally responsible
  • develop an environmentally active and aware workforce
  • monitor and manage the environmental effects of our activities to continually improve environmental performance.


To achieve these objectives we will adhere to the following practices and principles:

  • establish annual performance objectives and set environmental performance targets
  • establish and implement programs and initiatives to prevent and manage environmental impacts associated with our business activities
  • comply with all applicable legal and policy requirements that relate to environmental management
  • promote an environmentally sustainable revenue collection service by increasing opportunities for electronic customer interactions as well as supporting innovative technology and business systems
  • raise staff awareness of and commitment to environmental management and learn from other environmentally successful organisations
  • monitor and report on our performance against environmental targets and objectives.
Last modified: 1 March 2024
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