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Career opportunities

We are committed to developing and supporting our employees with outstanding training to foster high levels of technical and leadership skills. Our professional and personal development activities are widely recognised, but it's our employees who tell the full story of our success.

Our key goal is to have capable, adaptable and engaged people working for us. We also ensure that work-life balance, health, safety and well-being, performance and career management opportunities are effectively implemented and used by all managers and their teams. Numerous career opportunities, including promotions, transfers and higher duties, are available and a large proportion of these vacancies are filled by existing employees.

We promote work-life balance and aim to be a model employer providing an inclusive workplace that is understanding and respectful of differences such as gender, identity, race, disability or age.

Training and development

We value the professional development of our employees and have a highly skilled and dedicated team of learning and development consultants to support employees. The Learning and Development - Customer Education Branch supports the lifelong learning of employees, addressing learning needs including tax technical knowledge and skills, leadership development and professional skills. Further Education Assistance is also available for employees seeking to undertake State Revenue Office approved courses of study with registered training organisations. The education and learning needs of customers and industry groups are also supported by the Learning and Development - Customer Education Branch.

Leave and work-life balance

We understand the value of work-life balance and offer a range of flexible work and leave options to suit your needs. These include annual leave, flexi-time (Grades 2-4 only), personal/carer's leave, parental leave, surrogacy leave, long service leave, purchased leave, job sharing, special leave, gender transition leave, cultural leave, ceremonial leave, and leave without pay. We encourage all employees to take annual leave on a regular basis. See what else we offer you.

Social responsibility

We are an active corporate citizen and our employees run a Social Responsibility Committee encouraging participation in community-based activities and the support of a range of charitable organisations and events.

Environmental awareness

We are committed to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment. We do this through initiatives such as reducing our environmental footprint and raising awareness. We promote car-pooling and public transport, and participate in World Environment Day, Earth Hour and Ride2Work Day.

Active social clubs

Our social clubs hold regular activities, including lunches, trivia nights and competitions, at both our Melbourne and Ballarat offices.

Bringing benefit to your community

All the revenue we collect is directed back into the Victorian community to fund schools, roads, police, hospitals and other essential services. We are proud of this and strive to support our people so they can provide high quality services to our customers and their representatives.

Last modified: 8 November 2022
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