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Title Date
Find the status of “Ready to sign” forms easily in Duties Online 24/03/2022
Do you have unclaimed money? 01/03/2022
Updated landholder duty ruling  22/02/2022
Draft revenue ruling on land tax exemption for charitable institutions open for consultation 15/02/2022
The Mental Health and Wellbeing Surcharge has commenced 06/01/2022
Windfall Gains Tax and State Taxation and Other Acts Further Amendment Act 2021 introduces tax changes 02/12/2021
Our Annual Review 2020–21 is now available 22/11/2021
Apply for further 2021 land tax relief 26/10/2021
Update to Revenue Ruling DA-055 on landholder duty 13/10/2021
Proposed windfall gains tax 12/10/2021
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