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To clone a form, the transferor representative will have the ability to duplicate data from an existing digital form. You may find this particularly useful where a large property development is involved.

First, go to the search tab, select all forms and locate the form that you would like to duplicate. Under actions, select ‘Clone transferor form’.

You have the option to clone property details, transferor details and transaction details. You can clone as little or as much as you like via the tick boxes. 

Enter the number of forms that you wish to duplicate (maximum of 100 at a time) then select ‘Submit’.

The cloned forms will appear in the ‘search’ screen with same reference (along with the duplication number) as the sourced document.

You can edit any of the information that you have cloned by selecting ‘Edit transferor form’ under actions and completing the form as usual.

Last modified: 11 February 2022
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