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This video provides an overview of land tax assessments.


Your land tax assessment provides details of all the Victorian land you own, including land you own jointly with others and your interest in any land held on trust.  

It also includes information about: 

  • any exemptions that apply,  

  • a site valuation for each land you own,  

  • and your land tax liability. 

Page one of the assessment shows:  

  • your customer number,  

  • assessment number,  

  • the amount to be paid and the due date,  

  • instalment options, and  

  • payment methods.  

If the assessment is issued to you on behalf of a joint ownership or in your capacity as the trustee of a trust, this will be indicated beneath the mailing address. 

Page two contains a summary of the land tax calculation, including any deductions or credits.  

Subsequent pages of your assessment list all the properties you own, their site values, exemptions that apply and the tax on each property.  

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Last modified: 21 December 2023
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