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Private car park owners may be eligible for a part-year concession for the 2021 levy year for parking spaces that:

  • were in private car parks, and
  • were not capable of being used as parking spaces for more than 30 days during the period 6 August 2020–26 October 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 Restricted Activity Directions.

To request the concession and a levy refund, you must lodge an objection to your 2021 levy assessment.

Before you start, please review our SmartForm tips to help you complete this form.

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Explanatory notes

Compromise assessment or compromise reassessment

You cannot lodge an objection to a compromise assessment or compromise reassessment issued under s12 of the Taxation Administration Act 1997 as it is a non-reviewable decision.

Notice of Reassessment

If you are objecting to a reassessment, you can only object to liabilities that are additional to or greater than those under your previous assessment or reassessment.

Last modified: 31 July 2023
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