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Ref ID Title Related Categories Date
Duties-Form-09A Transfer between spouses/domestic partners statutory declaration 05/10/2017
Duties-Form-12 Primary production and water entitlements (for all land types) statutory declaration 03/10/2017
Duties-Form-13 Family farm exemption statutory declaration 03/10/2017
Duties-Form-14 Statement on change of beneficial ownership of dutiable property 05/10/2017
Duties-Form-16 Statement on transfer under Part 3 of the Financial Sector (Transfers of Business) Act 1999 30/08/2017
Duties-Form-17 Application for exemption from duty: managed investment schemes 30/08/2017
Duties-Form-30 Registration form for approved livestock agent 09/08/2017
Duties-Form-31 Cattle compensation fund duty return for approved agents 20/02/2013
Duties-Form-32 Approved agent's duty return Sheep and Goat Compensation Fund 20/02/2013
Duties-Form-40 Insurance duty - application for registration as an insurer 09/08/2017
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