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Ref ID Title Related Categories Date
LTX-Form-06 Application for remission or postponement of payment of land tax 21/11/2012
LTX-Form-20 Coronavirus land tax relief - commercial tenant details 01/11/2022
LTX-Form-23 Late applications - Coronavirus land tax relief for eligible land owners 01/11/2022
LTX-Trust-08 Notice of trust acquisition of an interest in land 26/07/2017
LTX-Trust-15 Discretionary trust - Nomination of subsequent beneficiary 26/07/2017
LTX-Trust-17 Trusts - Nomination of PPR/subsequent PPR beneficiary 04/12/2017
LTX-Trust-18 Deceased estate - commencement or completion of administration 21/07/2017
LTX-Trust-19 Nomination of PPR/Subsequent PPR Beneficiary and Notification or Change of Beneficial Interests/Unit Holdings in Land 21/07/2017
MPL-Form-01 Application for a metropolitan planning levy (MPL) certificate 01/07/2022
PTA-Form-02 Nomination of designated group employer 29/05/2017
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