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Insurers offering general insurance in Victoria must register with us for the purposes of submitting returns and paying duty on general insurance. Examples of general insurance are insurance for a car, home and contents, trauma and disability cover.

  1. Gather required information

    You need the following information to complete the Application for Registration as an Insurer Form 40:

    • applicant details, including business trading name, ABN/ACN, postal address
    • the effective date for registration
    • details of officers authorised to verify the insurance returns.
  2. Complete your form

    The registration form can be completed and submitted online.​

  3. Lodge your form

    When you have completed the registration form online, select 'submit' to lodge your form with the State Revenue Office.

Next Steps

We will contact you in writing to inform you of the outcome of your application. If you are approved as a registered insurer, you will be allocated a unique customer number and will be provided with step-by-step instructions for completing your return via a SmartForm.

If your details change after receiving registration, you must update your details as soon as possible after they change.

Last modified: 28 July 2023

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