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A property clearance certificate (previously known as a land tax clearance certificate) states whether there is any land tax owing on a property.

The liability shown in a certificate is specific to the year in which you applied for the certificate, but the certificate might also include land tax owing from previous years.

If you frequently apply for property clearance certificates, you should become a registered user of our clearance certificates portal. This enables you to easily create, save and manage multiple certificate applications and update requests with secure encrypted payment via Visa, Mastercard or monthly direct debit.

  1. Prepare your application

    Write to us on your organisation’s letterhead requesting that you become a registered user, including your:

    • contact name
    • phone number
    • email address.

    Certificates will be emailed to you as attachments.

  2. Lodge your application

    Send your request by contacting us online or by mailing your request to:

    The Manager
    Property Clearance Certificates
    State Revenue Office
    GPO Box 1641
    Melbourne VIC 3001

    We will generally process your application and send you an email with your username and a temporary password within 5 business days. If you do not hear from us within 5 business days, call us on 13 21 61.

    Our email will also include a direct debit form. If you choose to pay by this method, email us the completed and signed form for processing.

Next Steps

Once you have your username and password, you can log in to the clearance certificate portal as a registered user.

Your details will be pre-recorded and you can easily track requests you have made and ask for updates on existing certificates within 90 days.

Last modified: 12 April 2024

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