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We publish a range of First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) statistics.

You can find out how many grants, bonuses and boost payments have been received in each postcode in Victoria. Our online search tool also lets you select a postcode and get data by number and type of benefit for various years and months within each year. Graphs representing the extracted data are also available.

FHOG statistical data tool

We also provide the top 10 postcodes, based on volumes, for grants paid in regional Victoria, metropolitan Melbourne, and Victoria as a whole. The data is available for financial years from the 2012-13 financial year and for the 12-year period from July 2000, when the First Home Owner Grant started, to 30 June 2012.

Top 10 postcodes for previous financial years​

Top 10 postcodes for 2000-2012

Last modified: 8 January 2024
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