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Wagering and betting entities must register with us online before the end of the first month in which they become liable.

Read the terms of use for our online services.

  1. Declaration

    Review our collection statement, complete the declaration and enter your name and contact details (the details of the person completing the registration).

  2. Business details

    Provide information about the business you are registering:

    • Australian Business Number (ABN).
    • Contact information.
    • State Revenue Office customer number (only if it is an existing customer).
    • Wagering and betting accreditation type:
      • registered bookmaker
      • registered or licensed in Victoria to accept bets or provide a service through which bets are made
      • registered or licensed in another state or in a territory to accept bets or provide a service through which bets are made
      • wagering and betting licensee
      • prescribed by regulations.
    • The type of wagering and betting activities it provides:
      • taking and paying bets
      • totalisator
      • betting exchange
      • agent.
    • The date of its first wagering and betting activity after the tax started on 1 January 2019.
    • An estimate of its net wagering revenue, including GST, for a financial year.


    Register a group

    Businesses may be grouped together and effectively treated as a single entity for wagering and betting purposes so that only one tax-free threshold can be claimed by the group for the relevant financial year.

    A wagering and betting group exists where:

    • the businesses are related bodies corporate within the meaning of s50 of the Corporations Act 2001 (this situation is commonly known as a holding and subsidiary relationship)
    • the same person has (or the same persons together have) a controlling interest in at least 2 businesses.

    When registering a group, nominate one member to register on behalf of the whole group. This member is known as the designated group entity and is responsible for lodging monthly returns on behalf of all group members.

    Enter the details of the designated group entity first, before entering the details of the other group members. You will need to provide the same information for each member of the group.

    More about grouping


Next Steps

Lodge a monthly return

Once we have processed your registration, we will email you instructions on setting up a username and password. You need your username and password to sign in to the online portal and lodge monthly returns. 

You must lodge a return and pay the tax within 30 days of the end of each month.

Last modified: 29 November 2023

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